Our areas of legal expertise

Here is an overview of the areas in which our solicitors specialise.

Our specialisations Dispute Resoution

We provide advice and representation in all areas of the law where you may need to settle a dispute, involving either your personal or your business needs. Disputes can be costly to resolve, and you may need advice and assistance at an early stage to ensure that you achieve your objectives.


We provide advice and representation in all aspects of

•Employment law
•Landlord and tenant
•Property litigation
•Commercial claims
•Debt recovery
•Boundary disputes
•Partnership disputes
•Contract claims

We help provide an analysis of the risk involved in these types of claims and the benefit of any alternative resolution.

Family law

From child custody to divorce proceedings: we represent and advise you in all family law matters. We act in an emergency if you are affected by domestic violence.

We are experienced in the sensitivity required in this legal area and work to ensure a reasonable, fair outcome for you and always in your best interests.

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 Wills and probate

Our specialist team have years of experience in drafting wills and managing estates.

 We are experienced in the particular needs of elderly clients, and in providing sensitive advice to families.

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Additional areas of legal expertise

We can also represent you in the following areas

•Block/flat management
•Leasehold enfranchisement
•Leasehold Valuation Tribunal proceedings
•Service Charges - how to challenge or deal with challenges
•Intellectual property/trade marks
•Competition law
•Personal injury