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That was some good lawyering

We helped some Amercian clients with a case and they were most complimentary. Their assessment, "That was some good lawering". We have put together a short phrasebook to help you interpret what was meant.


"That was some good lawyering" means Execellent legal argument. 

"Sharp lawyering" means How did you get away with that? 

"You all set?" means Are you ready? 

"We're all set" means We are ready. 

"We're done here" means We have nothing more to say.

 These are a few short phrases that helped us understand our clients needs. We also understood the compliments, and were grateful for them.

Here we provide regular updates about interesting legal opinions and decisions in addition to news about developments within our firm.


Intellectual Property

"Illegal downloads", how will it affect you as an employer, hotel owner, or parent. Many teenagers are downloading material or file sharing, some sites encourage the downloading of material, how do you react when it is an illegal download. What is an "illegal download?"


If the work shared or downloaded is from someone who exercises rights over that material, can you ever share it, or keep it? Copyright, was originally designed to protect books, and their authors from suffering fiancially, so now when the music industry is making such huge profits does the protection now extend too far? There have been some large fines for illegally downloading material handed out by the Courts but the Government is seeking to place the responsibility on the internet providers to report anyone using large amounts of bandwidth. Is that fair. The Government in France proposed a "three strikes and you're out" policy, asking internet service providers to cut off those users who fail to adhere to a warning, which the French Courts outlawed. The Government here is proposing the same kind of thing. Its policy has yet to be published and may now require a complete review. US Courts have fined a woman in excess of $1m for illegal downloads. Is that fair? The Spanish authorities view illegal downloads as something not to make money from, so you can use the downloads but not sell for profit. Is that fairer?


This area of the law will continue to develop and internet service providers are concerned that they will become policeman and enforcer. Why should they?

Consultation on the default retirement age

This year, the Government is set to review the default retirement age (DRA) of 65 and decide whether it remains "necessary and appropriate".


The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 set the default retirement age to 65. Any dismissal before an employee reaches 65 will be unlawful unless the employer can justify such a dismissal on objective grounds, and employees can request to stay beyond the age of 65. Any such request has to be considered by the employer.


However, the DRA is likely to change following the long-running Heyday case. Any new government will have little room to manoeuvre and be left with the option of removing the DRA entirely, or to increase it to an age that is likely to be more justifiable.


Employers might find it more acceptable for the DRA to be increased to whatever the Government determines is a more justifiable age. If this were to happen, then the new DRA could be set at 70, although a DRA of 68 may be more likely given the planned future increase in pensionable age.

 We have been rather successful recently!

We have acted for a number of different clients recently in claims before the Courts and Tribunals, reaching conclusions in our clients' favour. We have recovered debts owed, successfuly challenged landlords, and have sorted out matrimonial disputes for our clients. We are actively involved in employment cases reaching resolution and settlements, that have pleased our clients. We act for clients in different parts of the World, and with very different requirements. If you need to discuss any dispute you need help with, give us a call. We really can help.

London 2012 business advice

Seek advice before you consider ways in which you could benefit from the Olympic Games in 2012! Strict legal restrictions have been implemented preventing individuals and companies from creating or suggesting any connection (contractual, commercial or otherwise) between themselves and the Olympic Games or organisation.

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